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Philippe Castellin (1948, Isle sur-Sorgues, France) – poet, digital poet, artist, performer, critic. Graduated from the Rue D’Ulm Université (Paris), in 1991 received a doctorate degree (Aesthetics and Semiology) at the Université de Paris IV. He is the author of a number of poetry books and collections, including the following: Où il ne faut pas (Paris: Confidentielles Ed., 1976), Immalamour (in collab. with J.-Y. Bosseur,1982, a part was published in the Doc(k)s #50), Livre (Ajaccio: Akenaton Ed., 1984), Paesine (Paris: Ed. Evidant, 1989), L’Afrique (Ales: Aiou Ed., 1996), Travelling Slow (Marseille: Akenaton Editions, 1996), Khaki (Paris: Al Dante, 1999), Les_Grandes_Herbes (FidelAnthelmX ed., Marseille, 2011) and also of the visual poetry works, presented in the collection of the Galerie La Marge (Ajaccio) and published in various international magazines, catalogues, literary miscellanies and anthologies on the experimental poetry. Castellin has published a number of books, catalogues, translations dedicated to the issues of art, literary and sociological studies, including the following ones: Projets de constitution pour la Corse (Ajaccio: La Marge Ed., 1981), Rene Char, Traces (Paris: Ed. Evidant, 1988), Il Disinganno (introduction, translation, commentaries; La Marge Ed., 1991), Vers la Poesie Totale (A. Spatola. Introduction, translation and commentaries, Marseille: Ed. Via Valeriano, 1992), De La Poesie Restreinte a la Poesie Generalisee (catalogue, Paris: Ed. des Musees de France, 1992), Quelques Centaures (catalogue, F.R.A.C. Corse, 1993), Update! (Dernier Télégramme ed. 2011 + CD rom of digital poetry )and a number of fundamental articles on the issues of the contemporary literature and poetry in relationship with the new medias. In 1986 he established (jointly with J. Torregrosa) an artistic group “Akenaton,”* as a member of which he held about one hundred exhibitions, including the ones at the Galerie Annie Lagier (Isle sur-Sorgues, 1990), Galleria Avida Dollars (Milan, 1992), Galerie Lara Vincy (Paris, 1994), Galerie G. Vitte (Ajaccio, 1995), Galerie J.F. Meyer (Marseille, 1996), Galerie J&J. Donguy (Paris, 1997) and others. He has participated in the poetry readings, colloquia and festivals of the experimental poetry, including the following ones: Festival de Poesie “La Parola Separata” (Sassari, 1988), Festival International de Cogolin(Cogolin, 1984), Rencontres Internationales de Poésie Contemporaine (Tarascon, 1989, 1990), Festival International de l’audiovisuel expérimental (Arnhen, 1995), Festival International de performance (Lyon, 1999), Colloque Poésie Action à l’initiative (Cerisy-la Salle, 1999), festival E.Poetry, Paris 2007 and many others. His productions are represented in the international collections, including such as: Artpool (Budapest), Inter/Le Lieu (Quebec), CIPM (Marseille), Musee Ziem (Martigue) and others. Since 1989, Castellin has been executive director, and since 1991 – editor of the new series of the Doc(k)s magazine, remaining one of the key editions that focuses on the issues of the international experimental poetry, especially in the field of digital poetry. Philippe Castellin lives and works in Ajaccio (France).

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Philippe Castellin
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