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The DOC(K)S review, created in 1976 by Julien Blaine and directed by AKENATON (Philippe Castellin and Jean Torregrosa) since 1990, a reference in the field of sound and visual poetry, undertook in 1997 a survey on the use of diverse media in poetry. It started with an issue on CD-ROM (alire10 / DOC(K)S series 3, n°14/15/16), in association with the alire review, then continued with an issue dedicated to the sound (DOC(K)S series 3, n°17/18/19/20, 1998), another dedicated to the Web (DOC(K)S series 3, n° 21/22/23/24, 1999) and a last one dedicated to the DVD (DOC(K)S series 3, n°34/35/36/37, 2004/2005). Some works were computerized to be presented on a digital medium. These publications also contained programmed works.

(Source: Serge Bouchardon, "Digital Literature in France")

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Title Author Year
Digital Literature in France Serge Bouchardon 2012
Digital Poetics: The Making of E-Poetries Loss Pequeño Glazier 2001
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