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From OULIPO to Transitoire Observable

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As an early programmer of digital poetry, theorist, active participant in various literary French movements, and co-founder of journals (alire) and groups (Transistoire Observable), Philippe Bootz outlines the gradual development of a coherent French aesthetic of digital poetry. His article circles around the paradigm of text generation and its different evolving movements which he describes and relates to each other in detail by giving account to the various actors, conditions, and conceptualizations behind the scenes of the communities he analyzes.

(Source: Author's abstract, Dichtung Digital)

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Remember that literature first meets computing by generation of text. Christopher Strachey generated love letters on Manchester Computer in 1952, but most agree that digital literature begins in 1959 with Theo Lutz's work Stochastische Texte ('Stochastic Texts') published in the review augenblick.

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