Digital Scholarly Communication

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02.12.2011 to 03.12.2011
University of Michigan
105 S. State
48104 Ann Arbor
United States
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HASTACĀ“s conference on Digital Scholarly Communication showed why and how we cannot change the academic message without transforming the medium. And vice versa. The gathering experimented with an array of new forms and formats designed not just to discuss those three terms--digital, scholarly, communication--but to show how they work together to change one another and, indeed, to contribute to the transformation of higher education more generally. Bringing together voices from many sectors of the academy in a variety of new formats, this conference presages powerful new possibilities for interdisciplinary, interactive, and multimedia research and communication both in the academy and for the general public.

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Massively Multireader: A Networked Teaching of House of Leaves across Five Classrooms Brian Croxall collaborative teaching, scholarly communication, distant teaching
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Patricia Tomaszek
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