Mountain Rumbles

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"Mountain Rumbles" demonstrates the integral relationship between structure and content. To paraphrase Brother Antonius, who said the symbol IS the symbolized--and the symbolized IS the symbol, the structure IS the content--and the content IS the structure. To emphasize this relationship, "Mountain Rumbles" is based on the japanese kanji for mountain. These micro-hypertexts further show that we can have one-minute hypertexts--that connections are not based on the size of the content, but rather the content itself.

I used Photoshop to create the image. Miko Matsumura, Richard Higgason,and I huddled in a back office during TP21CL at Brown to develop the javascript and java applet needed for this program. I then used my living room wall and embrodiery thread to map the links, Claris Homepage to develop the image map, and simple text to write the html code. I have used Storyspace--probably the best program around for visualizingrelationships between writing spaces, HyperCard--probably the most flexible and useful program for doing just about anything, Dreamweaver, Front Page, etc. Still, I have yet to find a way to quickly and easily transfer the structures in my mind to any reality.

(Source: Author's note in the New River 6)

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Java and HTML

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Scott Rettberg