Most Powerful Words

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Most Powerful Words is a digital literary work comprised of 54 computer-generated poems. There are six themes containing nine poems. Click a theme, then a panel of the theme’s carousel to generate a unique, infinite, recombinant poem. Click ‘Return to [SECTION]’ to return to the carousel menu. Click ‘Return to Main’ to return to this page. 

Using Montfort’s algorithmically minimal Javascript (for copyright, inspect source), this collection presents all language on the same playing field, allowing contemporary readers to lightly, quickly, precisely, visibly, and consistently traverse the infinite use and misuse of past and present language. Chrome browser recommended.

PM DMs uses the vocabulary of speeches delivered by the first nine Australian Prime Ministers. Most Powerful Words uses the vocabulary of speeches delivered by the nine most powerful people in the world today, according to Forbes magazine. Money Speaks uses the vocabulary from letters, notes, diary entries, poems, speeches and books written by the nine individuals that appear on Australian currency. Indigenous Silence uses the vocabulary from historical policies, speeches, rulings, log-books, and Wikipedia entries that are about/have impacted Indigenous Australians. No words written by Indigenous Australians are used in this section. Concessions uses the vocabulary of concession speeches or regretful musings of the past nine Queensland Premiers. Finally, New Beginnings uses the vocabulary of the first pages of nine notable Queensland novels and works of non-fiction.

Cultural Sensitivity Warning: This work includes images of and references to people who have died. 


Most Powerful Words

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