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Digital Fiction Curios is a unique digital archive/interactive experience for PC and Virtual Reality.

The project houses works of electronic literature created in Flash nearly two decades ago by artists Andy Campbell and Judi Alston of Dreaming MethodsOne to One Development Trust‘s award-winning in-house studio.

Dreaming Methods is responsible for some of the internet’s earliest media-rich digital fiction. Much of that work was created in Flash, a technology that will be removed from all major web browsers in 2020. Curios archives and re-purposes three of our Flash works originally made as far back as 1999 and makes it uniquely possible to explore them in VR.

From fragments of words held in glass bottles to sprawling apocalyptic dreamscapes, Curios offers an immersive glimpse into Dreaming Methods' signature world of dream-inspired narratives, living texts and lost realities. 

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