Report on PO.EX’70-80

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Funkhouser describes the PO.EX’70-80 project and highlights several elements of the database, praising the taxonomy and preservation/representation of works.

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Two primary features of PO.EX make it a truly stellar example of a digital archive: (1) an effective, functional taxonomy that enables users to search for works logically; and (2) thorough preservation and representation of the works that are being catalogued within the archive. These crucial aspects of the PO.EX archive are a model of how a digital archive can reach peak effect. PO.EX, communal and focused, presents a scientific and proficient organizational scheme; its contents are not difficult to negotiate and may be used reliably.

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Flash 1996
ActionScript 1998
PHP 1995

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Titlesort descending Organization responsible Arquivo Digital da Literatura Experimental Portuguesa University Fernando Pessoa

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