Beneath Floes

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Beneath Floes is a short work of interactive fiction written by Kevin Snow, the creator of Bravemule, with artwork from Patrick Bonaduce and sound from Priscilla White.

Qikiqtaaluk, 1962. The sun falls below the horizon and won't return for months. You wander the broken shoreline, wary of your mother's stories about the qalupalik. Fish woman, stealer of wayward children: she dwells beneath the ice.


Technical notes: 

Beneath Floes runs best in the latest versions of
Chrome and Opera. It will also run in Firefox and
Safari, but with some errors related to how the
text fades in. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Contributors note: 

Artwork: Patrick Bonaduce
Sound: Priscilla White
Design: Mike LeMieux
Editor: Pinnguaq

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Eivind Farestveit