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The Atari 2600, originally called the Atari VCS, is the godfather of modern videogame systems, and helped spawn a multi-billion dollar industry.The industry recognized that cartridge systems were the future of video gaming, and began development in that direction. On September 11, 1977, the Atari VCS (Video Computer System), with an initial offering of nine games, was made available at both Macy's and Sears. This system, later renamed the Atari 2600, would come to dominate the industry for many years. Atari sold over thirty million of the consoles, and together with other companies sold hundreds of millions of games. Cartridges for the system were produced across three decades, and there are still new games being produced today.

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The Atari 2800 is the Japanese version of the Atari 2600, released in October 1983. It was the first release of a 2600 designed specifically for the Japanese market.

In 1984, a new version of the 2600 was released. The new redesigned version of the 2600, unofficially referred to as the 2600 Jr., featured a smaller cost-reduced form factor with a modernized Atari 7800-like appearance. The redesigned 2600 was advertised as a budget gaming system (under US$50) that had the ability to run a large collection of classic games.

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