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Super Atari Poetry is a multiplayer game installation that enables players to make about 1000 different poems. The work is made of 3 Atari 2600 consoles, joysticks, self-manufactured cartridges, and old TVs. Each cartridge contains a group of verses that are constantly changing colors which can be manipulated using a joystick. In this way, the audience can either freeze/move the colors or just move forward and backward the sentences. The reading of the 3 verses printed on the screens produces an interactive and coherent poem that's always changing its meaning and chromatic structure.

Super Atari Poetry follows a non-lineal narrative system present in previous works such as The Poetic Clock, 1997; The Poetic Machine, 1998 and Poetic Dialogues, 2000-05. It is also attached to an exploration based in Atari 2600 consoles initiated by the artist in 1985. It has precedents in works like net@ari, 1985; the Atari Poetry series, 2000-2005; and Justicia, 2003.


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Super Atari Poetry, 2005-08

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