NT2 Répertoire Des Arts et Littératures Hypermédiatiques

Critical writing that references this Database or Archive:

Title Author Yearsort descending
The NT2 Hypermedia Art and Literature Directory: A New Knowledge Environment Devoted to the Valorization of Screen Culture Bertrand Gervais 2009
La littérature numérique entre légitimation et canonisation Alexandra Saemmer 2011
The (Problematic) Issue to Evaluate Literariness: Digital Literature Between Legitimation and Canonization Alexandra Saemmer 2012
Evaluating Digital Literature: Social Networks, Selection Processes and Criteria Alexandra Saemmer 2012
Reconfiguração do conhecimento no espaço hipermediático. Análise e avaliação de cinco arquivos digitais Diogo Gomes 2013
Locating Literary Heritage in Paratexts: An Analysis of Peritexts in Electronic Literature Patricia Tomaszek 2013
The ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base: A Review Álvaro Seiça 2014
Electronic Literature and Online Literary Databases: The PO.EX and ELMCIP Cases Álvaro Seiça 2014
A Survey of Electronic Literature Collections María Goicoechea, Luis Pablo Nuñez 2014
The PO.EX Digital Archive of Portuguese Experimental Literature: A Review Álvaro Seiça 2014
O PO.EX, Arquivo Digital da Literatura Experimental Portuguesa: Uma Recensão Álvaro Seiça 2014
The Ciberia Project: An Experiment In Digital Hermeneutics María Goicoechea 2015
ELO 2018: Database Collaboration, Facial Recognition, and Third Generation Electronic Literature Hannah Ackermans 2018
CELL Project Meeting Davin Heckman, Dene Grigar, Gabriel Tremblay-Gaudette, Joseph Tabbi, Rui Torres, Leonardo L. Flores, Bertrand Gervais, Ariane Savoie, Enrico Agostini Marchese, Servanne Monjour, John Cayley, Scott Rettberg, Álvaro Seiça, Hannah Ackermans 2018
Electronic Literature: Documenting and Archiving Multimodal Computational Writing Scott Rettberg 2019
Appealing to Your Better Judgement: A Call for Database Criticism Hannah Ackermans 2020
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