The NT2 Hypermedia Art and Literature Directory: A New Knowledge Environment Devoted to the Valorization of Screen Culture

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Moving from a book culture to a screen culture requires a paradigm shift in the manner of producing culture and in ensuring its transmission, notably literary and artistic manifestations. Already in both the arts and literature, artists have appropriated the Web, radically changing its practices and language. As a result, the works produced, forged even, with new technologies are designed to be read or experienced using the Internet. Given these new formats, the usual strategies in literary theory, cinema studies and art history no longer suffice. The institutionalization of these works is not yet guaranteed either, so no bibliography or substantial listing exists. In response to this void, the NT2 Laboratory started its Hypermedia Art and Literature Directory project. (

Since 2005, NT2 has sought to identify and describe these works created in previously unheard-of formats. In so doing, NT2 has acquired a unique expertise, solved various problems and encouraged reflection in developing a new knowledge environment. What follows in this article is a presentation of the principles and results of NT2’s endeavors.

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NT2 Répertoire Des Arts et Littératures Hypermédiatiques Laboratorie NT2, Université du Québec à Montréal

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Digital Humanities in Practice (DIKULT 207, UiB, Fall 2013) Syllabus Patricia Tomaszek, Scott Rettberg 2013

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