Remix Writing and Postproduction Art (Workshop)

Critical Writing
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What is remixology? What is postproduction art (PP Art)? 

In this workshop, we will investigate a small selection of experimental literary texts, websites, music videos, and audio tracks that employ different remix strategies to develop new works of art. These remix artworks will trigger a more general discussion on the emergence of hybridized art forms that are growing out of a thriving interdisciplinary media arts scene. 

Media art forms that will make their way into the workshop mix include electronic literature, net art, digital video, and live A/V performance. 

Given our time limitations, the workshop will be targeted at introducing participants to the way contemporary media artists may turn to remix and/or postproduction methods to create unexpected works of art. 

Questions . . .
Can you imagine remixing Gertrude Stein's "Tender Buttons" into a philosophical treatise on technicity and the loop and then using the treatise as a script for your spoken word performance in Second Life? 

Is it possible to sample from the spam email that finds its way into your inbox every day and use it as source material for a long narrative poem? 

Can one improvise a literary "cut-up" as part of a spontaneous creative act without the use of scissors? 

How can one create a video mashup of Situationist cinema? 

What exactly does a VJ [visual jockey] do and why are they getting paid every time they perform a live narrative remix of their theoretical tendencies? 

How can one appropriate and remix a selective set of literary and philosophical texts to create the subtitle track to their own feature-length film? 

Is your mobile phone your new writing instrument, one ideally positioned to enable your next live writing performance? 

Does excelling at the fine art of remixology enable you to expand your creative and critical research practice into an ongoing performance that manipulates ("remediates," "versions," "postproduces") a wide array of media genres and platforms?

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Second Life 2003
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Scott Rettberg