Mark Bernstein's "Those Trojan Girls": Classical Storyspace Channels a Classic Story

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Bernstein's revisioning of Storyspace in its 3rd version functions as a bridge between the previous hypertexts that Eastgate Systems, Inc. published and experimental interactive works readers encounter today on storytelling platforms like Twine or as apps on their phones. The result is that Those Trojan Girls remains constant in his approach to publishing “serious hypertext” embraced in the 1990s while at the same time contemporizes its aesthetic and functionality for readers today.

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Those Trojan Girls moves beyond that aesthetic with other features. Sculptural hypertext allows, as he explains it, for “sections where almost anything can follow nearly anything else” (Bernstein, "Those Trojan Girls: A Discussion”). Likewise, stretchtext, animated links, the sliding window, and customizable interface embue the work with the feel of experimental interactive media. In sum, it functions as a bridge between then and now, connecting classical Storyspace to channel a classic story. 

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Storyspace 1987

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Eastgate Systems, Inc.
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