Hypertext Revisited

Critical Writing
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This article proposes a new approach to literary hypertext, which foregrounds the notion of interrupting rather than that of linking. It also claims that, given the dialectic relationship of literature in print and digital-born literature, it may be useful to reread contemporary hypertext in light of a specific type of literature in print that equally foregrounds aspects of segmentation and discontinuity: serialized literature (i.e. texts published in installment form). Finally, it discusses the shift from spatial form to temporal form in postmodern writing as well as the basic difference between segment and fragment.

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In what follows, we discuss five aspects of traditional installment writing, in order to see to what extent they may help remediate hypertext. We first present these aspects and identify the problem they hint at before giving a brief example that has recently implemented most of the “lessons” that can be learned from the installment tradition:
J.R. Carpenter’s in absentia (2008).

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J. R. Carpenter