Charting the Shifting Seas of Electronic Literature’s Past and Present

Critical Writing
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Overview of 10 years of electronic literature for the 10th anniversary edition of Drunken Boat.

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"In the field of electronic literature, ten years is a very long time. It is generally noted that electronic literature has already, in its twenty-or-so-odd year tenure, seen the passing of two generations. During the past decade, Drunken Boat nurtured the nascent field by embracing and supporting its evolution—providing an exhibition space for diverse genres of experimental work. While other online journals dedicated to showcasing digital literature stalled production, Drunken Boat remained an anchor in the turbulent seas of new media literary arts. On its tenth anniversary of production, Drunken Boat stands aloft, offering us an opportunity to assess the winds of the past and present and begin to identify those pushing us into the future. Where are we now? What can we expect in the next ten years of digital literature?"

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Drunken Boat

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E-Poetry 2009 23.05.2009
Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona Barcelona
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J. R. Carpenter