E-Poetry 2009

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23.05.2009 to 26.05.2009
Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona Barcelona
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From the organizer´s website: E-Poetry is both a conference and a festival on digital poetry. Authors and researchers worldwide meet and present their research and works. This permits researchers to present their latest research and artists to premier their most recent works. A selection of the papers is published after the conference following the peer review system and we will also like to publish proceedings of the conference. Artistic and academic events will take place at key Barcelona venues such as the the University of Barcelona, the Barcelona Center for Contemporary Culture and the Caixaforum, providing authors the opportunity to present their works to a public curious about new poetry and artistic trends employing technology and communication during the Setmana de la Poesia, that is also sharing a part of our artistic program.E-Poetry 2009 was organized by the research group Hermeneia in collaboration with the Electronic Poetry Center (University of Buffalo) and the Laboratoire Paragraph (Univ. Paris VIII).

Critical writing presented:

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Against Digital Poetics Sandy Baldwin digital poetics
E-Poetry Triangulated Markku Eskelinen
Encapsulating E-Poetry 2009: Some Views on Contemporary Digital Poetry Chris Funkhouser digital poetics, performance, festival, close reading, interfaces, code, terminology, e-poetry, review, transmediality, transtextuality, textual instruments
Entity/Identity: A Tool Designed to Index Documents about Digital Poetry Philippe Bootz, Samuel Szoniecky, Abderrahim Bargaoui lability, tool, preservation, obsolescence, documentation, archiving, procedural transformation, indexing
Preservation of Digital Literary Works: Another Model of Memory? Serge Bouchardon, Bruno Bachimont preservation, archiving, lability, documentation, indexing
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Jerome Fletcher
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