What I Am Wearing

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What I Am Wearing is a web text that collages texts appropriated from contemporary web sites to create through recombination a text that reflects on the media image of women, in particular women in the Middle East. Text and images were appropriated from recent English-language media sources on the internet. When the reader mouses-over passages in text, the hypertext link to the original source texts are revealed.

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But what did I wear?, you were wondering, right? The media is on it.

One of the most striking moments comes when I sit in the driver’s seat of a car, fixing my niqab so that only my eyes peer through. I don’t use the niqab because he wants to hide my sexuality from other men, but because I want to keep my sexuality to myself and choose when to present it. You often see me in many societies being objectified because of how I look or being disrespected. The hijab helps force him, who might otherwise be unwilling, to take the focus off my physical appearance.

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Sumeya Hassan