A Literatura Cibernética 2: Um Sintetizador de Narrativas

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In this second volume of Cybernetic Literature, which is devoted to fiction, Barbosa publishes a narrative synthesizer, addressing the concept of “matrix-text” as a transformable grid by the computer program. Being aware that in the fictional field there is a concern for semantic and narrative coherence, the author publishes the most interesting outputs of the variants of the series “Era Uma Vez...” [Once Upon a Time...], “Fábulas” [Fables], “Histórias dum Baralho de Cartas” [Stories of a Deck of Cards] and, finally, “História dum Homem Citadino” [Cityman Story], whose literary reception has been more explored, e.g. Christopher Funkhouser (2007) and Roberto Simanowski (2011), who curiously read it as a poem.

[Source: Álvaro Seiça, "A Luminous Beam: Reading the Portuguese Electronic Literature Collection" (2015)]

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Programmed with FORTRAN and TEXAL (ALeatory TEXt generated program created by Azevedo Machado and Barbosa).

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A Literatura Cibernética 2 (cover). Source: Pedro Barbosa/po-ex.net
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