História de Um Homem Citadino [Cityman Story]

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Simanowski considers that Barbosa “deconstruct[s] its form by running it through his text generator. (…) The outcome is predictably absurd and humorous, and portrays wild deviations from the mundane occurrences found in the original. Applying the chance procedures of a text generator to this poem inevitably subverts the status quo of his subject. It spices up the boring life of the city man by turning the depressing poem into seasoned surrealist lines. The form of the computer-generated text responds to the chosen content of the database. The result seems to declare that there is no other chance than accepting the chance. (…) Although the content of the outcome is owned by the machine, the meaning belongs to the human behind it (…)” (2011: 102-103).

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Programmed with FORTRAN and TEXAL (ALeatory TEXt generated program created by Azevedo Machado and Barbosa).

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Scott Rettberg