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"Blue Rooms" is my senior thesis for the Vassar College English Department. This project has been assisted by many spirit voices. I have also had much support from the living and one of those creatures is my friend, guide, mentor, and officially--my thesis advisor--Michael Joyce who invited me into this medium and taught me to swim in it. I am so grateful. Michael has far too many accomplishments to gloss here with a list. So instead of writing a pale summary I instead direct you to his homepage where you can have a look-see if you haven't already. More than words...

The text of "Blue Rooms" was originally composed in the hypertext program that Jay Bolter and Michael Joyce created--Storyspace--which allows for complex linking and link guards (which the internet currently cannot provide) between spaces that can host images and text. Early on though, with the encouragement of Michael, I realized I wanted to dream "Blue Rooms" into the Web so that as many as possible could visit and have a look around. The Storyspace files were exported directly into html, keeping all the original text and links, and then collaged with the images.

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Jill Walker Rettberg