Reimagining the City: Interventions of Digital Texts in Physical Spaces

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You are the one thinking this: locative poetry as deictic writing Anders Sundnes Løvlie 2012
Writing on the World: Augmented Reading Environments Maria Engberg 2011
Writing Coastlines: Locating Narrative Resonance in Transatlantic Communications Networks J. R. Carpenter 2015
Walk This Way: Mobile Narrative as Composed Experience Rita Raley 2010
Toward a Mobile and Geolocative E-Lit Aesthetic: Curatorial Statement for MLA 2012 Exhibit “Electronic Literature” Kathi Inman Berens 2011
The New Place of Reading: Locative Media and the Future of Narrative Brian Greenspan 2011
The Global Poetic System: A System of Poetic Positioning Laura Borràs Castanyer, Juan B. Gutiérrez 2010
Textopia: Experiments with Locative Literature Anders Sundnes Løvlie 2010
Storyworlds we never leave: long-form interactive narratives, Google Glass and new audiences Caitlin Fisher 2014
Reading, Seeing, and Sensing: The Internet of Things Makes Literature Elizabeth Losh 2015
Reading Augmented Spaces and the Dimensions that Define Them Jacob Garbe, John Thomas Murray 2012
Poetry 4 U: Pinning poems under/over/through the streets Marsha Berry, Omega Goodwin
On Locative Narrative Rita Raley 2008
On Landscape as an Interface: Textuality, Walking Practices and Augmented Location in Notes for Walking Megan Heyward 2015
Narrative, Affect and Materialist Aesthetics in Post-Digital Technotexts Eric Dean Rasmussen 2015
Mobile Urban Drama – Setting the Stage with Location Based Technologies F. A. Hansen, Kaj Grønbæk, K. J. Kortbek 2008
Mobile Media Narratives: From Site-Specific Stories to Locative Hypertexts Jason Farman 2010
Mobile Communication and the New Sense of Places: a Critique of Spatialization in Cyberculture André Lemos 2010
Media studies, mobile augmented reality, and interaction design Jay David Bolter, Maria Engberg, Blair MacIntyre 2013
Locative Narrative, Literature and Form Jeremy Hight 2010
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