Sonic Immersions and Sculptures

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Artist Statement:

“Strathroy Stories” is an immersive, spatialized sound piece that explores space and place
through a series of adolescent and teenage memories of people, places, and events.
This work explores the notion of memory as a dynamic, malleable construct that falls somewhere between archival and living narrative.
Guided by the memories of a small town boy, the listener will explore sites and events ranging from the prosaic; swimming at the town pool and hanging out at the arcade, to the aberrant;
Turkey Festival murder and an ice fishing party gone wrong. Created as a locative listening piece, the end user is encouraged to listen, as they would a music playlist, while they walk to work, ride transit, clean the house, or walk the hedgehog.
This piece is intended to enable a hybrid listening experience where the listener will be at times unable to distinguish real from virtual, thus creating a sort of Schizophonic low-tech AR experience.


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Sonic Immersions - Electronic art soundpiece
Sonic Immersions - Electronic art soundpiece
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Susanne Dahl