Surrender Control

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The reader of this piece received SMSes over the course of 72 hours with instructions to do many strange things, thereby spreading the narrative into her or his physical surroundings. Invitations to sign up were both advertised on the web and distributed on unsigned fliers in London, thus combining physical and networked spaces. Here are some examples of messages sent, with the date and time they were sent out: 28. Write the word SORRY on your hand and leave it there until it fades. (21/11/01, 00:01) 29. Look at the stars. (21/11/01, 00:59) 30. Think about an ex-lover, naked and tied to a bed. (21/11/01, 10:00) 31. Call someone. Tell a lie. (21/11/01, 13:15) 32. Call them back. Admit that you lied but do not tell the truth about why. (21/11/01, 13:30) Surrender Control is not a narrative in the formal sense, but it may enact a narrative with the recipient of the text messages.

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Jill Walker Rettberg