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Title City Country Updated date
NAI 05.05.2020
Narrative United States 11.10.2013
Naughty Dog Santa Monica United States 05.11.2019
Navegar Editora São Paulo Brazil 24.10.2012
Necessary Games 09.10.2018
Neohelicon Hungary 10.10.2013 Stuttgart Germany 26.12.2012 Stuttgart Germany 29.09.2011
New York: Riverhead Books 22.09.2018
New Binary Press Cork Ireland 17.01.2017
New Directions New York City United States 30.06.2013
New Literary History Charlottesbille United States 01.10.2011
New Literary Observer Moscow Russia 06.09.2012
New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia 05.07.2013
New York Times Book Review New York United States 29.09.2011
New York University Press New York United States 29.09.2011
Newark Review 3.0 United States 20.03.2012
Ninth Letter Urbana-Champaign United States 22.04.2014
Noigandres São Paulo Brazil 15.09.2013
Nokturno Finland 29.09.2011 Finland 14.08.2018 Finland 15.08.2018
Nordisk Tidsskrift for Informationsvidenskab og Kulturformidling 12.06.2012
Norsk medietidsskrift Norway 05.07.2013
Norsk Rikskringkasting Norway 18.02.2016
Northwestern University Press Evanston United States 09.12.2011
Notre Dame Review Notre Dame United States 27.10.2019
Nouspace Publications 06.06.2018
Nova Renascença Porto Portugal 06.12.2013
nypoesi 15.10.2018
Oberon Press 13.10.2018
OEI Sweden 20.09.2018
Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture 07.06.2017
On the Horizon 08.07.2013
On the Human United States 29.09.2011
One to One Development Trust Wakefield United Kingdom 19.11.2013
Onomatopee Eindhoven Netherlands 18.10.2013
Op. Cit.: Revista de Estudos Anglo-Americanos/A Journal of Anglo-American Studies Lisbon Portugal 13.02.2014
Open Humanities Press 14.11.2013
Open Texture Highlands Ranch United States 22.11.2011
Open University Press 19.02.2014
Open: Journal of Arts & Letters United States 29.10.2019
Organism for Poetic Research New York 14.01.2013
Oxford University Press (UK) Oxford United Kingdom 29.09.2011
Oxford University Press USA 22.08.2014
Páginas de Espuma 07.05.2020
Palgrave Macmillan 29.09.2011
Pantheon Books New York United States 29.09.2011
Paradoxa United States 29.09.2011
Parsons Journal for Information Mapping New York United States 15.02.2013