frAme: Journal of Culture and Technology

Nottingham Trent University
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NG11 8NS Nottingham
United Kingdom
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From 1999-2001 frAme: Journal of Culture and Technology published over sixty works by digital writers, critics, and theorists. The insightful essays covered everything from pop culture to ASCII art, brain-computer metaphors to desktop absurdities, identity to databases. Digital writers presented a range of works: a serial email novel, interactive hypermedia, code-based poetry, multi-layered narratives, and illustrated texts. Curated by Simon Mills (with assistance at times from Sue Thomas, Helen Whitehead and Christy Sheffield Sanford), the works in frAme represent a snapshot of the trAce Online Writing Centre's engagement with digital aesthetics. (Source: trAces: A Commemoration of Ten Years of Artistic Innovation at trAce)

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