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"Brian Massumi, Ph. D., is a political theorist, writer and philosopher, and is currently a professor in the Department of Communication Sciences at the University of Montréal in Quebec Canada, where he directs both the Ph. D program and the Workshop in Radical Empiricism (Atelier en empirisme radical). He is well-known for his translations of several major texts in French post-structuralist theory, including Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari's A Thousand PlateausJean-François Lyotard's The Postmodern Condition, and Jacques Attali's Noise. Brian Massumi received both his Masters and Doctoral degrees in French Literature from Yale University and completed postdoctoral work at Stanford University.

Massumi's research is two-fold: the experience of movement and the interrelations between the senses, in particular in the context of new media art and technology; and emergent modes of power associated with the globalization of capitalism and the rise of preemptive politics."

(Source: The European Graduate School)

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Brian Massumi
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