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Carol-Ann BRAUN is a painter and digital artist living in Paris, France. She is the author of several room-sized and screen-sized renditions of poetical texts. “Gravity Waves” by the poet Blake Leland was installed at the Olive Tjaden Gallery, Cornell University, in 1982. Ten years later, a series of installations in virtual reality also based on the work of Blake Leland were shown in Paris (UNESCO), Tours and Montpellier (1994,1995, 1997).

In 1994, she co-authored with Antoine Denize a multimedia interpretation of “Un Conte à Votre Façon”, by Raymond Queneau, subsequently published by Gallimard (“Machines à Ecrire”, 1996).

Her most recent digital incorporates elements of artificial intelligence,.“Move Don’t Move” produced at the Atelier du CUBE, Arc de Seine, has been featured in shows in Paris, Belgrade, and Katowice.

She has taught interface design since 1994 in a wide variety of schools, including Telecom Paris-Tech; the Master’s Program at the Laboratoire d’Imagerie Numérique, Angoulême; at Laval’s Virtual Reality Center. Prototypes developed in this pedagogical context have been funded by the Ministère de la Culture, La Région Ile de France and the Fondation Louis Leprince Ringuet. At the core of this applied research, an interest in transforming dialogue into a search engine(Source: Author).

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Carol-Ann Braun
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