Instrument Making (Interview with Eric Loyer)

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Erik Loyer created the canonical early net-art pieces 'Lair of the Marrow Monkey'(1998) and 'Chroma'(2001). Not content with those genius works, he went on to creative direct the avant-garde net-journal Vectors, and designed the activist documentary Webby-award nominee 'Public Secrets'.

Throughout Loyer's works there is a persistent synaesthetic edge: a concern with tactility and synchronized audio-visuals that gives his work abiding engagement. He thinks of himself as an instrument maker, and this tendency is apparent in his recent works: the best-selling 'Strange Rain' and a recent immersive graphic novel app "Upgrade Soul" which incorporates modular music mapped to gestures.

Interview 2012-06-23 at ELO Morgantown.

(Source: David Jhave Johnston, Vimeo)

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Scott Rettberg