The Torrent

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Based on a damaged BitTorrent file of Jean Rollin's erotic horror film The Night of the Hunted (1980), The Torrent translates cross-cultural file error into new narrative configuration. It has appeared in book, installation, internet, and performance incarnations.  Unauthorized versions include: Le Torrent: La Fiancee de Wittgenstein Par Jo Maludies, by John Roland; The Torrent {by Joe Milutis} by Roxanne Carter; I Wrote the Torrent by L. J. Housley; The Torrent Milutis by Giardia Fuemte Jones; Doubts and Obscenities. "Electron is practically inexhaustible" V. I. Lenin ANARCHY IS LIFE by A.O.; The Night of Deception by Joe Milutis translated by Danny Snelson

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But our love is an image that the pixel does not touch.

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Joe Milutis