Acoustic and Visual Imagination in Poetry from the Neo_Avantgarde to New Media Poetry in Yugoslav and Post-Yugoslav Poetry

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At the beginning of my text I will consider contemporary interpretations of the visual and acoustic aspects of poetry. The main references will be texts written by American poets, performers, artists, theoreticinas such as Charles Bernstein, Michael Davidson, and Johanna Drucker. Shortly, I will point to the history of these phenomena in the West. Special attention will be given to the concepts of plurivocality and plurality of visual projections in different kinds of experimental poetry.

In applying these concepts in considering Yugoslav Avant-Gardists:  Franci Zagoričnik and OHO group (Slovenia), Vlado Martek (Croatian) and Katalin Ladik and Awin authors (Serbia) I will first discuss the status of experimental poetry in so called small cultures. Then I will show the range of experimentation in the work of the poets I have mentioned, who worked within the Yugoslav socialism and post-Yougoslav postsocialism.

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Eric Dean Rasmussen