Jetzt? Oder der höchste Augenblick

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This entry has a philosophical impact: "He developed a theory from the observation that when one is young, one thinks mainly of the future, but when one is old one thinks of the past; Namely that there has to be a moment in a persons life when one is completely in the moment and with oneself. Now one is waiting for that moment, and one is afraid it will pass by". So begins a hypertext ("observation", "future", "past", "theory" etc. are links) that then continues in a life-philosophical way. "It is a strongly networked labyrinth with one enterance and without an exit" says Nils Ehlert himself, "the texts on the pages are about the thoughts and experiences of a main character, and are connected to each other by links associatively rather than causally. Pictures (mostly photos) and small animations illustrate and comment the contents of the texts". 

Simanowski, Roberto (Ed.): Formen und Wege einer neuen Literatur. München: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 2002, S. 164 f. Translated by Kine-Lise M. Skjeldal.

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