Confinement Spaces: Isolation. and Loss in the Pandemic

Description (in English): 

Confinement Spaces is an existential visual narrative of living in the United Arab Emirates under lockdown from March-August 2020. The initial days of the lockdown, when work turned to Zoom-time and simple actions like grocery shopping became an exercise in epidemiology, created a mix of anxiety and ennui that led to scanning the environment with an iPhone and 3D scanning software, creating beautiful, glitched dreamlike landscapes. As time passed and restrictions eased, other spaces, like the Cultural Foundation and Louvre Abu Dhabi opened again, and the artist went out to progressively scan the pandemic landscape. Eventually restrictions eased to allow travel to the other Emirates, and sites in Dubai, Sharjah, and the legendary airplane from the movie Lord of War (in Umm al Quwain) were captured as an allegory for the universality of the isolation being experienced in the UAE and around the globe.

The result is a visual narrative of the glitched landscape of the pandemic UAE, six months collapsed into a single experience (following the author's work in Spatial Form), as a series of twelve interactive spaces rendered as pastiches of the 82 scanned spaces made during this time. The project proposed is an initial version created for The Foundry in Dubai, and the ELO version will incproporate deeper narratological structures in text, spoken word and video.

(Source: Exhibition Documentation)

Technical notes: 

"During this time i had found an app called Display.Land that allowed me to 3Dscan the landscapes i was inhabiting. creating a kind of scrapbook of the confinement."

Source: Description from website

Screen shots: 
Title page and menu of confinement spaces in front of a 3d image of dubai
a 3d image of a plane
3d landscape made up of signs and concrete barriers
3d landscape with Persian rug

Confinement Spaces Demo for Electronic Literature Organization 2021

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