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minique Cunin is graduate of École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Nancy and the EESI of Poitiers (Master). The topic of his art project is the representation and understanding of space through digital technologies of image. His practice englobes computer graphic animations, interactive installations, experimental softwares development, multiuser online environments and art experiments on mobile devices. A one-year exchange program with the Kanazawa University of Art allowed him to study japanese which he speaks fluently today. He is currently a PhD student at Université Paris 8 under Jean-Louis Boissier’s guidance, a researcher at EnsadLab (École Nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, for the program Écrans mobiles et Récits interactifs), and a teacher in digital media at Valence’s school of the art and design. He had the opportunity to be curator of the exhibition Continuum, in the official program of Luxembourg 2007, within the European capital of culture. His works are shown in exhibitions related to research programs such as In-Out (2006-2008, Paris – Citu), PlayTime (2011 – Yverdon-les-bains, Swiss) and published in online publications (2010 – So Multiples) or printed books (2009 – R & C – Recherche & Création – Burozoïque/Ensa Nancy). His participation at Isea 2011 involved the use of Mobilizing, a programming language for mobile screens created for visual artists. Since 2008, he is Mobilizing’s co-developer as well and its major contributor. Mobilizing resulted into the establishment of a collaboration between the lamas (Japan) and the HEAD (Geneva) where Dominique occasionally intervenes in the Media Design Master degree.

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Dominique Cunin
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