Precession of the Equinoxes

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This work uses similar software to that used in Babel, another 3D multi-user internet piece by the artist. Viewers logged in to the work are confronted with a 3D visualisation of a space formed as a receding array of words. As the viewer moves the mouse around the screen they are able to navigate this 3D environment. If the viewer types a word on their keyboard then when they press the RETURN key that word will appear in their own 3D array (the white words). Continuing to do this will cause the words to cascade through the array. These words are also broadcast to all the other viewers logged on (along with the viewers mouse coordinates, allowing each viewers 3D location to be calculated) such that everybody can read what the viewer has written. All the viewers are thus able to see what all the other viewers, who are simultaneously logged onto the site, are seeing. The multiple 3D views of the word-space are montaged together into a single shared image, where the actions of any one viewer effects what all the other viewers see.

When two or more word-arrays intersect with one another the words that form the array are randomly juggled, over writing any viewer defined words. The dictionary of words available to the software has been appropriated from the NASA website, detailing a glossary of terms used in astronomical sciences.

(Source: Artist's statement from the project site)

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Simon Biggs