The Spectral Dollhouse

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In Jilly Dreadful's hypertext work The Spectral Dollhouse, the death scenes are staged; the blood is (presumably) fake; and the owner of the house is, or was, a doll; and yet it looked like we'd seen ghosts after ouiji-ing our way through this work, which in the author's words, investigates "the literary oppression that women face in regards to the procreation of their stories and bodies" as well as the question of whether (and/or how) photography is representational of reality. In a way, though, we had seen ghosts, as Dreadful admits, "fiction haunts nonfiction," resulting in a piece that balances sure-footedly on the line where truth and artifice abut one another, with Dreadful taking handfuls of each to make one replete with the other.


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Chiara Agostinelli