The Ciberia Project: An Experiment In Digital Hermeneutics

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This  article  presents  “Ciberia”,  a  collection  of  electronic  literature  works  in  Spanish, housed  in  OdA 2.0.,  a  learning  objects‟  repository  of  the  University  Complutense  of  Madrid.  The Ciberia project involves experimentation at the humanistic and technological level, since it deals with the challenge of archiving digitally-born literary works as well as with the archiving process itself, which we  are  carrying  out  in  OdA  2.0,  a  data  management  system  for  the  creation  of  learning  objects repositories  on  the  Web.  OdA  allows  different  researchers  to  work  collaboratively  in  a  simultaneous manner on the data base, they can not only introduce new objects but they can also modify the data model. This entourage  allows us to create taxonomies in an  inductive rather  than deductive manner. The  article  covers  aspects  such  as  the  objectives  of  the  collection,  the  elaboration  of  Ciberia‟s bibliographic  card,  the  process  of  metadata  cleaning  and  reconciliation  with  other  collections  of  the Linked Data cloud, such  as the CELL  Project, and Ciberia‟s research and  pedagogical functions. Moreover, we will showcase some of its most representative literary works as we revise the process of the collection‟s creation.

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