Lil’ Red

Description (in English): 

This cute interactive story offers a reimagining of “Little Red Riding Hood.” Designed to appeal to literate and preliterate audiences (as young as two years old), the game offers twelve exploratory animated scene peppered with hidden mini games. The work uses touch and tilt to allow the interactor to discover the story while engaging the affordances of mobile devices. Interactors are free to explore the tale at their own pace, as the wolf stalks over to granny’s house. However, created for even the youngest of audiences, the wolf merely shoves granny into a closet, rather than eating her. Rendered in white, black, and grey (with a hint of red), this app’s aesthetic draws upon the style of Japanese anime and contemporary animation. Backed by an immersive soundtrack, the piece offers a delightfully modern retelling of this classic tale.

(Source: Description from ELO 2017: Book of Abstracts and Catalogs)

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Lil' Red - An Interactive Story

Lil' Red - Walkthrough

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