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This bot is a tool designed to help readers explore the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 3. Created with Cheap Bots, Done Quick!, a free bot hosting service powered by Tracery, an intuitive JavaScript library developed by Kate Compton, PhD. The bot currently tweets a suggested work from the ELC3 every 3 hours, linking to the work and adding the #ELC3 hashtag. Its Twitter account also compiles two lists of bots: a complete list of its 11 bots and one without Real Human Praise, which posts too frequently to allow readers to appreciate the other bots. Future development of this bot will include random suggestions based on ELC3 metadata, such as keywords, language, location, year, and we may even add some interactivity so it can respond to queries. In the meantime, follow this bot to receive suggestions of works to explore in the ELC3.

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Eirik Tveit