Workshop: Platform Dive: Netprov and Performance in Videoconferencing

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24.05.2021 to 25.05.2021
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In this workshop we will bounce about in the egg carton of zoom and experiment with ways to dissolve the 6th wall (the camera) (the other 5 being: the 3 walls of the room and the 2 side walls of the image frame) through collaborative story and through dance and physical performance. Building on the practice of netprov — internet improv, online roleplay narrative — we will use words and movement to explore those zones of video meeting practice that have yet to coalesce into social norms: awkward beginnings, sudden disappearances, background guests, dropped connections, mis-timings, garbles, and lags. Each of these can lead to narrative. We also will build on art history and comics to experiment with ways to make the platform’s grid echo and expand shared visual traditions, or, comically, to play against them. We will share and co-create methods and moments you can apply in art and education.

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Milosz Waskiewicz
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