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Cathy Podeszwa is an ecologist, writer, actor, dancer, and generally inquisitive animal. She is a graduate of Carleton College and the University of Minnesota Duluth, where she earned an MS degree in Environmental Biology and Applied and Computational Mathematics. She has participated in many Netprovs, including “The Mysteries” and “Fishnet Stockings” with Joellyn Rock, “The Speidi Show” and “Grace Wit & Charm” with Rob Wittig and Mark Marino, “All Time High” with Claire Donato, and “Thermophiles in Love” with Samara Hayley Steele, Rob Wittig and Mark Marino. Cathy is a performer and choreographer with the Freshwater Dance Collective in Duluth. She is also a comedy writer and performer with Rubber Chicken Theater and the local PBS show, Twin Ports Tonight. She teaches a variety of environmental science and biology courses at Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College in Cloquet, MN. One of her great joys in life is translating biological concepts into dance or comedic sketches.

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Cathy Podeszwa
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