Futures of Digital Studies 2010

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25.02.2010 to 27.02.2010
University of Florida Gainesville , FL
United States
Florida US
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The conference focused on the dialogue between forms of digital literacy connected with recent technological developments in networked and programmable media in relation to human expression and forms of representation. We seek to put in conversation digital artists and digital critics in order to examine the "state of the art" of digitally mediated practices and to envision possible futures for the current overlapping platforms, software, formats, hardware and artistic processes through which we experience digital culture. The two-day conference's thematic focus on the 'literary' in the digital age was integrated with a fundamental attention to visual art, music and sound, computer science, and other aspects of digital culture through an art exhibit and a concluding roundtable videoconference session with an international group of participants.

Critical writing presented:

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Beyond Literary? N. Katherine Hayles, Nick Montfort, Jerome McGann, Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, Michael Joyce literary studies, digital studies, digital literature
Digital Literature and the Modernist Problem Maria Engberg, Jay David Bolter digital literature, modernism, avant-garde
Graphic Sublime: On the Art and Designwriting of Kate Armstrong and Michael Tippet Joseph Tabbi narrative, non-linearity, literary modalities, combinatory
The heuristic value of electronic literature Serge Bouchardon
Writing to be Found and Writing Readers John Cayley Google, writing, composition, processual, digital poetics, collaboration
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Maria Engberg
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