Digital Literary Studies 2015

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14.05.2015 to 15.05.2015
Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra
Largo da Porta Férrea
3004-530 Coimbra
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‘Digital Literary Studies’ is an international conference exploring methods, tools, objects and digital practices in the field of literary studies. The digitization of artifacts and literary practices, the adoption of computational methods for aggregating, editing and analyzing texts as well as the development of collaborative forms of research and teaching through networking and communication platforms are three dimensions of the ongoing relocation of literature and literary studies in the digital medium. The aim of this two-day conference is to contribute to the mapping of material practices and interpretative processes of literary studies in a changing media ecology.


Critical writing presented:

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A Topographical Approach to Re-Reading Books about Islands in Digital Literary Spaces J. R. Carpenter island, paragraph, topos, topology, reading, re-reading, print literature, literary space
A Topographical Approach to Re-Reading Print Books About Islands in Digital Literary Spaces J. R. Carpenter book, islands, computer-generated literature, generated narratives, topos, topography, reading
Biblio Unbound Johanna Drucker bibliographical object, knowledge production, digital object, content management system, platform, protocol, XML, digital literary studies, artists' books, database
Digital Literature as a Social Hermeneutic Dispositif: The case of the GeoNeoLogical Novel Pedro Andrade novel, sociology, web 2.0, space, time, logos
Digital Poetry and Meta-Discourse: A Network of Self-References? Álvaro Seiça digital poetry, network analysis, database, data mining, data visualisation, literature and technology
Green-Screeners: Locating the Literary History of Word Processing Matthew G. Kirschenbaum word processing, literary history, green-screener
Performative Modelling of Digital Literature Jerome Fletcher modelling, ontology, machine, performance
The Letters of 1916: Editing as UnRemembering Susan Schreibman Ireland, letters, digital humanities, big data
Uncreative Writing: Polish Experimental Literature in the Digital Age Piotr Marecki uncreative writing, experimental writing, Polish experimental literature
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Alvaro Seica
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