Digital Arts and Culture 2000 Conference

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02.08.2000 to 04.08.2000
The University of Bergen Bergen
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The third conference in the Digital Arts and Culture series was held at the University of Bergen. The conference chair was Jan Rune Holmevik. In addition to the electronic literature-related events, there were a number of digital arts performances not listed here as well as presentations on digital culture in a broader sense. Please see the conference website for a full list. Abstracts are not available for most presentations. Conference Chair Jan Rune Holmevik, University of Bergen (Norway) Program Committee Espen Aarseth, University of Bergen (Norway) Mary Flanagan, State University of New York, Buffalo (USA) Anita Hammer, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway) Cynthia Haynes, University of Texas at Dallas (USA) Michael Joyce, Vassar College (USA) Raine Koskimaa, University of Jyvaskyla (Finland) Gunnar Liestøl, University of Oslo (Norway) Lone Malmborg, Malmö University College (Sweden) Adrian Miles, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (Australia) Phoebe Sengers, German National Research Center for Information Technology (GMD) (Germany) Ragnhild Tronstad, University of Oslo (Norway) Local Arrangements Committee Jan Rune Holmevik, University of Bergen (Coordinator) Inger Marie Berntzen, University of Bergen (Treasurer) Torill Mortensen, Volda College (Social Events) Lidunn Mosaker, University of Bergen (Registration) Frank H. Pierce, University of Bergen (Database design and implementation) Johan Utne Poppe, University of Bergen (Technical Support) Elin Sjursen, University of Bergen (Public Relations) Sindre Sørensen, University of Bergen (Technical Support) Jill Walker, University of Bergen (Social Events) Marius Hanssen, University of Bergen (Registration)

Critical writing presented:

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After the Gold Rush: Sustainable Information Culture Stuart Moulthrop
Against immersion – notes for non-virtual reality design Gonzalo Frasca
Cultural Narrative in Augmented Reality Jay David Bolter
Cybertext palimpsests - literature to the nth degree Markku Eskelinen cybertext, narratology
Dali Clocks: Time Dimensions of Hypermedia Stephanie Strickland time, temporality, netart, perception, web art
Embodied Interaction and the Aesthetics of Behavior Simon Penny
New Media, New Historicisms Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
Play On: Plot and Pause Points in Hypermedia Narrative Marjorie C. Luesebrink
Reading Cybertexts - An Empirical Approach Raine Koskimaa reading, interpretation
Reading Hyperfiction - Mission Impossible? Rasmus Blok reading, form, plot
Reading-View(s)ing the Über-box: a critical view on a popular prediction Anders Fagerjord
Reconfiguring the Author: The Virtual Artist in Cyberspace (Keynote Address) Mark Amerika authorship
Rhythms of Technology Rob Swigart
SurREAL: Dramatis Personae on the Digital Stage Lisbeth Klastrup, Susana Pajares Tosca, Elin Sjursen, Jill Walker Rettberg games, characters, readers, virtual world
The Distributed Author: Creativity In the Age of Computer Networks Christiane Heibach authorship
Time For No One, Hypermedia Duration Stuart Moulthrop, Nancy Kaplan, Adrian Miles, Markku Eskelinen, Raine Koskimaa
Using HCI Techniques To Make Digital Art More Ergodic Julianne Chatelain
What are writers doing on the net? Sue Thomas
When Digital Literature goes Multimedia: Three German Examples Roberto Simanowski multimedia, hypertext, spectacle
Writing with the Code - a Cybertextual Poetics Søren Bro Pold poetics, source code, cybertext
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Scott Rettberg
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