Digital Arts and Culture 1998 Conference

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26.11.1998 to 28.11.1998
University of Bergen
Magnus Lagabøters plass 1
5063 Bergen , HL
Hordaland NO
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Digital Arts and Culture 98 was an international conference which aimed to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of theoretical and artistic developments in digital arts, media and cultures. Through paper presentations and ample space between sessions, as well as an informal social program, the conferenced aimed to create a good atmosphere for strengthening the links between the many different players and subfields within the rapidly expanding field of digital culture and aesthetic studies.

Digital Arts and Culture  was the first iteration of what has become an annual conference, commonly referred to as DAC.

The first conference was organised by Espen Aarseth at the Department of Humanistic Informatics at the University of Bergen. Humanistic Informatics is now the program for Digital Culture.

Conference Committee:
Espen Aarseth, University of Bergen (Chair)
Ingela Josefsson, Sødertørn College
Terje Rasmussen, University of Oslo
Bjørn Sørenssen, Norwegian Technological University
Hilde Corneliussen, University of Bergen
Jan Rune Holmevik, University of Bergen
Torill Mortensen, Volda College

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Critical writing presented:

Title Author Tags
A Clash between Game and Narrative Jesper Juul computer games, interactive fiction, narrative
A White Paper of Information Matthew G. Kirschenbaum information, compution, visualization
Art at the biological frontier Eduardo Kac art, biology, telematics, telepresence, robotics, interactivity, dialogism, noen-litteratur
Cinematic Paradigms for Hypertext Adrian Miles cinema, hypertext, hypermedia
Field Notes From The Secret War Between Value and Meaning in Digital Culture Francisco J. Ricardo digital culture, value, meaning, work, community, instittuion
Hypertext Fiction in the Twilight Zone Raine Koskimaa hypertext fiction, space, time
Omission impossible: the ergodics of time Markku Eskelinen time, hypertext, cybertext, narratology, ergodic
Performances Of Writing In The Age Of Digital Transliteration John Cayley performance, digital writing, programmability, translation
Text as Virtual Reality (Techno-Aesthetics and Web-Literatures) Janez Strehovec
With Code in Hand: An Inventory & Prospectus for E-Poetics Loss Pequeño Glazier e-poetry, poetics, practice, inventory, tropes, materiality
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Jill Walker Rettberg
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