Towards the delight of poetic insight

Critical Writing
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I am interested in the specific nature of POETIC insight and knowledge (Erkenntnis) in relation to other systemic spheres like, e.g., science or religion. As an approach to this subject my paper will discuss how poetic knowledge is addressed by the handling of ‘innovation’. Innovation will be observed as feature between reflexivity and potentiality in poetic experimentation. These poetological categories will be related to both practical and theoretical forms of technology driven language art. As exemplary forms I will focus on the radio play "Die Maschine" (The Machine, 1968) which simulates an Oulipo computer and was written and realized by George Perec and on its poetic comment by Florian Cramer (, 2004) as well as on the historical concept of ‘artificial poetry’ by Max Bense (in respect of his 100st anniversary) in the light of recent poetological concepts of innovation.

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Audun Andreassen