The "Research and Creation" Approach in Digital Literature

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How can one articulate literary and artistic creation and scientific research? In my case, creative research consists in creating experiences. Indeed I emphasize the notion of experience, or rather experiences: the experiences of the author, of the reader and of the researcher (in the field of digital literature). This approach is based on a variety of first person and third person experiences, subjective experiences and objective descriptions, spontaneous and instrument-based experiences (ie closer to experiments). Conceiving a literary and artistic experience as a scientific experience implies admitting that real life experience can have a scientific dimension. In this approach, I analyse my own productions as well as the productions of other authors. I can think my productions and those of others from a concept-based perspective or from a creative activity perspective, as a literary and artistic experience or as material for a scientific experiment.The challenge is to develop protocols of introspection, data collection and traces which will then reconstruct what happened. Creative research, if it is based on solid protocols, has a lot to teach us about digital writing and digital poetry. As a case study, I will include the research and creation process implemented in the framework of a collaboration with the ALIS company.

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Fredrik Sten