Repetition in Mary-Kim Arnold's "Lust"

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This chapter analyzes the hypertext narrative poem "Lust" by Mary-Kim Arnold from the perspective of repetition, focusing on lexias, words, and sounds. It accompanies other information useful to scholars: a brief biography of the author, a recounting of how the poem came to be written, a list of critical references, and links to:

  • Live Stream Traversal on YouTube of "Lust" by Dene Grigar
  • Social media content generated during the Live Stream Traversal
  • Photos of the work's packaging
  • Scholarly Resources
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"Sexual lust, blood lust, lust for love––all are explored in Mary-Kim Arnold’s 'Lust.'"

“'Lust' was hailed by critic Robert Coover as a 'miniature gem'” (Coover). 

"We come away from reading 'Lust' having received not a clear understanding of a story but instead a reminder of the damage relationships can do, the lust they can evoke, the raw emotion they can drain from us, and how deeply they can cut."

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