Principles of Literary Criticism

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Principles of Literary Criticism by I. A. Richards 2nd edition
x, 283
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Principles of Literary Criticism was the text that first was the text that first established his reputation and pioneered the movement that became known as the 'New Criticism' Through a powerful presentation of the need to read critically and creatively, with an alertness to the psychological and emotional effects of language, Richards presented a powerful new understanding both of literature and of the role of the reader. Highly controversial when first published, Principles of Literary Criticism remains a work which no one with a serious interest in literature can afford to ignore.

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"The two pillars upon which a theory of criticism must rest are an account of value and an account of communication."

"...critical remarks are a branch of psychological remarks,and no special ethical or metaphysical ideas need be introduced to explain value."

"A book is a machine to think with, but it need not, therefore, usurp the functions either of the bellows or the locomotive."

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